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❻ Lower the lights before bed. Opt for 50 watts or less of warm yellow light, and be sure lampshades hide the entire bulb. Dimmer switches can be used to turn down lights an hour or two before bedtime. When reading, opt for a small book light over a vivid ceiling light and rely on nightlights rather than bright bathroom beams for any after-hours water closet visits. ❼ Draw the curtains. Heavy curtains can help block disturbing exterior sounds, and if you sleep past sunrise, blackout curtains work to keep the bedroom dark. ❽ Bring on the noise. Though it seems counterintuitive, to create a quiet sleep environment, you should raise the volume on white noise from a fan or recording (think rain, ocean waves, or static fuzz). Earplugs can also help damper unwanted sounds. ❾ Clear the clutter. A messy bedroom distracts you from drifting off. Before turning in, take a minute or two to tidy up—move bills and other paperwork to a separate room, place dirty clothes in the hamper, and gather odds and ends into a drawer or basket. ❿ Be screen smart. Save the screens (including TVs, tablets, computers, and phones) for elsewhere. If you can't break away from your mobile device, utilize a nighttime setting or app that filters out blue light and consider upgrading to a tablet that bounces light onto the screen instead of your eyes. ❺ ❼ ❽ ❾ ❻ h o u s e c a l l s { winter 2018 } 29

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