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h o u s e c a l l s { winter 2018 } 23 I n today's go-go-go society, we often regard the ability to function on slivers of slumber as a golden trophy. We view sleep as unproductive, a passive period during which we're not earning, making, creating, or fixing. Sleep? Yawn. So boring. But from the biological side of the bed, a lack of Z's leaves our body unable to successfully operate its most basic systems—think endocrine, metabolic, muscular, and immune. With a third of Americans reporting to the National Sleep Foundation that they snooze less than the recommended seven to nine hours a night, the United States has become a mighty weary nation. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a wake-up call to the country in 2016, naming insufficient sleep a public health epidemic. DID YOU KNOW? Studies show that humans are the only mammals that purposefully delay sleep.

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