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SUM 2017

House Calls Magazine is a quarterly publication that focuses on health and wellness. It includes a wide assortment of articles with topics on the latest health and wellness information, nutrition, safety, lifestyles, and more.

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® B r o u g h t t o y o u B y r o p e r S t . F r a n c i S Fall 2015 PLUS! The perks of primary care, early signs of hearing loss, & groundbreaking 3D mammograms with healthy soups and stews, meditation, and more Embrace Autumn ® B R O U G H T T O Y O U B Y R O P E R S T . F R A N C I S Winter 2016 PLUS! How to keep your mind nimble, a look at arthritis, and cozy breakfast dishes perfect for winter weekends Nature's BOUNTY 30 + reasons why you should kindle your relationship with the great outdoors house calls House Calls is the Lowcountry's premier health and wellness magazine, a quarterly publication packed with healthy eating tips, fitness ideas, nutritious (and tasty!) recipes, and the latest in disease prevention. Roper St. Francis' House Calls has been a fixture in the Charleston community for more than two decades. past issues { Summer 2015 } { Fall 2015 } { Fall 2016 } { Winter 2016 } { Summer 2016 } { Spring 2016 } ROPER ST. FRANCIS HOME FIND A DOCTOR CONNECT WITH US JOIN THE MAILING LIST E-NEWSLETTER { Winter 2017 } { Spring 2017 } ® B r o u g h t t o y o u B y r o p e r S t . F r a n c i S Summer 2015 PLUS! The pros of writing a family health history, the cons of fad diets, and four Mediterranean-style dishes your family will love From the mind & body benefits of swimming to preventing heatstroke: here's your go-to guide for staying cool this summer Beat the HEAT PLUS: How gut bacteria may be affecting your health B R O U G H T T O Y O U B Y R O P E R S T . F R A N C I S Winter 2017 ® Winter WELCOME, Make 2017 your best year yet by shedding pounds, practicing forgiveness, and savoring lightened-up comfort foods (like this French onion soup!) B R O U G H T T O Y O U B Y R O P E R S T . F R A N C I S Season From volunteering to cooking with super foods, we've got dozens of ways to boost both body and spirit Blooming Spring 2017 TM PLUS! Your go-to guide for healthy dining outside of home, how to ward off dehydration, and the ABCs of sunscreen B R O U G H T T O Y O U B Y R O P E R S T . F R A N C I S Summer 2016 ® SUMMER Ease into the sultry season with simple, scrumptious snacks—like this ice-cold Sunshine Smoothie B R O U G H T T O Y O U B Y R O P E R S T . F R A N C I S Spring 2016 ® How to minimize and thrive amidst daily pressures PLUS! A look inside today's senior centers; tips for treating bug bites, bee stings, and ankle sprains; and tasty spring lunches Stress Less Smile More,

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