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40 { fall 2016 } h o u s e c a l l s led Dr. Bellil to Columbia, South Carolina, before he and Shelly moved to Baltimore as newlyweds for his residency at the University of Maryland. Though Dr. Bellil was originally interested in cardiology, a rotation on the leukemia unit changed his mind. "I love the sense of teamwork within the field," says the doctor, who went on to complete a hematology/oncology fellowship at Duke University before moving back to Charleston in 2011 with his family. "Practicing oncology is a huge responsibility, but you can't do it alone. The nurses, medical assistants, doctors, and entire staff—we're all in it together to help our patients." The field has proven to be a good fit for Dr. Bellil's personal background, as well. "Having grown up abroad, I've experienced many different cultures and have been around all types of people," says Dr. Bellil. "Those experiences help me relate to and communicate with my patients—even when we're discussing something as serious as cancer." As close as Dr. Bellil is with his patients and coworkers, he also recognizes the importance of taking time to recharge. "It's crucial to have a break from work—to have something just for yourself," he says. For him, that "something" is surfing—a passion he has had since his days in California. Luckily, the James Island resident is just miles from the "Edge of America," where he catches waves year-round most mornings at dawn. "It's my escape," says Dr. Bellil, who's surfed in Australia, Costa Rica, and beyond. "You're sitting in the water and you see dolphins swimming by, pelicans flying low—it's so incredibly relaxing. Plus, the conditions are always changing, so it's challenging, and no wave is exactly the same, so there's no repetition." Another boon? Physical fitness is both a requisite and a by- product of the hobby. "You don't realize how out of shape you are until you get on a board and paddle for an hour or two," he laughs. Dr. Bellil's children, Corinne, 7, and Maksem, 5, have taken to the sport, too, and on any given weekend or evening, the whole family can be found at Folly Beach. Out in the waves, life lessons come about organically. "When you surf, you fall, you get back up, and do it again. You fall, you get back up, and do it again. Then you succeed, and you're even more inspired than you were before," says Dr. Bellil. Back at home, the kids are learning about clean eating, which the Bellils are committed to. "We rarely eat out and eat as few processed foods as possible," he says. "Not only do I want to stay fit, I know that our kids look at us and at what we eat. We have to be conscious and set a good example." Dinners at home usually include a salad, and Shelly prepares everything from venison tacos with fresh cilantro and a homemade sauce to whole-grain pasta. On weekends, Dr. Bellil often channels his roots, preparing North African fare such as couscous, lamb, and dolmas flavored with traditional spices like mint, coriander, or saffron. "Of course, the kids also get their fair share of PB&J," says Dr. Bellil, "but we try to keep it balanced." While the nutrients on his plate are important, the people surrounding the dinner table matter more. "My family is my life," says the devoted dad, who also cherishes time spent with his parents, who live close by in Mount Pleasant. It's a priority in life that his patients echo, as well. "They share pictures of their family with me and are so proud," says Dr. Bellil. "It's important to always appreciate those blessings." picture picture of of picture of health Better Together (clockwise from left): Dr. Bellil catching waves at The Washout at Folly Beach; with his wife, Shelly, and children, Maksem and Corinne, at a birthday celebration; and teaching Corinne how to surf. } "[Surfing] is my escape. You're sitting in the water and you see dolphins swimming by, pelicans flying low—it's so incredibly relaxing." -Dr. Yanis Bellil } P H O T O G R A P H S ( D R . B E L L I L S U R F I N G ) B Y L E I G H W E B B E R & ( 2 ) C O U R T E S Y O F T H E B E L L I L S

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