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NAME: DR. YANIS BELLIL SPECIALTY: Hematology/oncology OUTSIDE THE OFFICE, FIND HIM: Surfing at Folly Beach; spending time with his wife, Shelly, and two children in their James Island neighborhood; traveling; cooking PRACTICE: Lowcountry Hematology & Oncology, Diving In A t the age of eight, Yanis Bellil underwent a major life change, moving across the globe from Algiers, Algeria, to just outside of Los Angeles. While most kids his age were adjusting to a new teacher or attending summer camp for the first time, Yanis, along with his parents and two younger siblings, were busy learning a new language and settling into a city more than 6,000 miles from where they were born. "My parents decided that it was in our best interest to move to the U.S.," says Dr. Bellil, who, fast-forward 30-some years, is now an oncologist at Roper St. Francis. But making a new life in America was no easy feat. The family had to learn English, gain citizenship, and, essentially, start from scratch. "My parents sold everything they had to move here. And my mother, who was a cardiologist in Algeria, had to redo her residency while raising three kids," says Dr. Bellil. "They sacrificed so much." When Dr. Bellil was 18, the family uprooted again, this time moving to Charleston, where Yanis began school at the College of Charleston while his mother started her residency at MUSC. "I'd hear her talk about things that happened in the clinic that day," says Dr. Bellil. "I remember thinking, 'Wow, she is really helping her patients—what she's doing is important.'" Setting his sights on medicine, as well, Dr. Bellil studied biology and French in hopes of one day becoming a doctor. It was also in college that he met his future wife, Shelly, in a martial arts class his sophomore year. Medical school P H O T O G R A P H B Y L E I G H W E B B E R For Roper St. Francis oncologist Yanis Bellil, relationships (and a bit of surfing) are the bread and butter of health and happiness – BY JENNY OULETTE picture picture of of picture of health h o u s e c a l l s { fall 2016 } 39

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