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FALL 2016

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h o u s e c a l l s { fall 2016 } 35 B y S t r a t t o n L a w r e n c e Brain PAIN New treament options offer fresh hope for chronic migraine sufferers here in the Lowcountry J agged lines, swirling circles, and piercing, localized pain—these common characteristics of a migraine headache have fascinated and bewildered doctors and scientists for centuries. Though roughly 150 different types of headaches exist, migraines garner the most medical interest and attention for the crippling effects they have on sufferers, who typically flee to dark rooms and avoid noise, light, and human contact when the condition sets in. "It wouldn't be doing it justice to simply call a migraine 'a headache,'" says Roper St. Francis affiliated head, neck, and facial plastic surgeon Dr. Marcelo Hochman, whose wife and sister both suffer from the condition. "Migraines are seriously debilitating and carry huge personal and societal costs." If you're not one of the 28 million Americans (or 400,000 South Carolinians) who suffer from the condition, you likely know someone who does. It only takes one migraine—or witnessing a loved one in the throes of one—to understand how this disease can cost upward of $13 billion each year in medical costs and lost workdays.

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