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FALL 2016

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the the buzz TRUTH: Get Moving … Now! New research from Sweden underscores the importance of physical fitness Try This! FOR A CANKER SORE Swish plain, sugar-free yogurt around in your mouth. Studies show doing so helps soothe pain and restore a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth, which can help ward off future ulcers, as well. 6 { fall 2016 } h o u s e c a l l s A ccording to a recent study from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, smoking is the top predictor of early death. Though that may not surprise you, what they found to be the second top predictor just might: a lack of physical fitness. For 45 years beginning in 1967, researchers followed 792 men born in 1913. Once a decade they performed a physical exam and measured participants' maximal oxygen uptake (V02 max) during exercise, which is an indicator of physical fitness. After analyzing data gathered over the years, researchers found that each measurable increase in a person's physical fitness level was associated with a 21 percent lower risk of death, and that a lack of physical fitness was more closely associated to early death than either high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels. So whether it's a stroll around your neighborhood after work, a morning swim, or short bursts of activity peppered throughout the day, researchers stress the importance of increasing your strength and endurance by moving the body and moving it often. Say No to the Dough We've all been there. You're rolling out cookie dough for a batch of holiday confections and you're oh-so tempted to eat a pinch of the scrumptious stuff or to let your begging kids do the same. A recent article from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however, weighs in on the topic loud and clear: consuming raw dough, batter, or cake mix of any kind can indeed cause disease. While you may know that it's risky to consume raw eggs (they're the culprit behind the majority of Salmonella cases in the nation), did you know that uncooked flour could harbor disease-causing strains of bacteria, as well? In June, the FDA and CDC traced an outbreak of E. coli back to a flourmill in Missouri, prompting a public service announcement on the topic. Officials add that playing with raw dough—like when making clay ornaments—carries the risk, as well. When handling uncooked flour, wash hands using soap and warm water, and resist the temptation to take a bite. Trust us: the finished cookie will be well worth the wait.

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