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Almighty Exercise A look at some lesser-known benefi ts of regular fi tness – B Y E R I C A R O D E F E R W I N T E R S M ost often, exercise is associated with physical benefi ts; we work out to get stronger, slimmer, fi tter, fl atter, toner, tighter. But here, Amy Levine and Alison Dziak of Roper St. Francis Cardiac Rehabilitation clue us in on some less visible yet all-important benefi ts that regular exercise delivers. Boost your relationships. Physical activity releases two "feel good" chemicals: endorphins, which are hormones that help ward off depression, and serotonin, a neurotransmitter known to boost one's mood. "Having a positive outlook often spreads to others and can improve your relationships with family and friends," says Levine. Tackle those to-dos. "There are few things more satisfying or motivating than achieving a goal," Levine says. Regular exercise (aim for 150 minutes per week) allows you to set and reach obtainable targets regularly, which can spark the motivation needed to handle other daunting tasks, like de-cluttering your kitchen counter or balancing that budget. Cue the confi dence. Whether you hit the two- mile jogging mark or nail a headstand in yoga, reaching fi tness goals cranks up your confi dence. Levine says this can easily spill over into other areas of your life— like asking your boss for an overdue raise, or broaching a sensitive subject with your spouse. Amy Levine & Alison Dziak of Roper St. Francis Cardiac Rehab CONTRIBUTORS M A C K I L D U F F P H O T O G R A P H S B Y ( T H I S P A G E ) K A T I E F I E D L E R & ( O P P O S I T E P A G E ) A B B Y M U R P H Y 18 { fall 2014 } h o u s e c a l l s Run Your Stress Away Research shows that a quick burst of exercise can help relieve stress by both releasing endorphins and taking your focus of the stressor at hand. Next time you're anxious, drop and give us 10! Tricep Pushups: The Perfect Form Come to your hands and knees with your wrists stacked directly beneath shoulders. Straighten your legs into a plank position, engaging your abdominals and activating your leg muscles. (If you have back or wrist pain, form a plank on your knees instead). With an exhale, bend your elbows, keeping your arms pulled in so they touch your sides, and your hips in line with your spine. Lower halfway or until your arms are at a 90-degree angle, then inhale and straighten. Repeat fi ve to 10 times. Modifi ed Starting a fi tness routine from square one? "The key is to choose an activity you really enjoy," advises Dziak. So whether that's Pilates, walking, jogging, racquetball, or dancing, the important thing is to keep at it. "Exercise should be a time to focus on you," Dziak adds. "Find an activity you love and commit to doing it often." body and mind

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