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THE FLAW: When starting a weight-loss journey via diet modification and exercise, many people weigh in weekly or even daily. However, the number on the scale can be misleading, explains Morgan. "If someone loses one pound of fat and gains one pound of muscle, they will weigh the same as when they started, but may actually be smaller or notice their clothes fit better." Just off Folly Beach's main thoroughfare is a bright new restaurant and bar that's well suited for a pre-beach pit stop or a celebratory night out. Wiki Wiki Sandbar blends Polynesian flavors with the ingredients of the South, offering up fresh poke bowls, salads, slow- cooked entrees, and festive libations. Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated dietitian Jillian Morgan walks us through her nutritious order. Morgan chose edamame hummus—which is packed with fiber, healthy fats, protein, calcium, and potassium—as an appetizer to split with other diners. The hummus is served with cucumber slices, watermelon radish, and chips. Morgan recommends sticking to the veggies as vehicles for the dip. "They give you a 'crunch' without the lethargy and bloat chips can cause due to their high content of refined carbohydrates, salt, and fat." "This entrée is nutritionally complete," says Morgan of the poke bowl, which includes your choice of protein, rice, greens, and seaweed salad. The only element of the dish she'd recommend eating around? The garnish of crispy (aka fried) tempura flakes. Morgan chose shoyu tuna over spicy tuna. "Spicy tuna is usually made with mayonnaise or aioli, which increases the saturated fat content," she explains. (Shoyu is soy sauce based, so people watching their sodium intake should choose an alternative.) THE FIX: Morgan recommends using body measurements and clothing size to measure progress, and to look out for increased energy levels and endurance, which are both signposts of success. Also, "Improving nutrient intake and increasing activity level can lead to better organ function," she says. "To track that, consider asking your doctor to assess lipid panel, blood pressure, A1C (blood glucose average over three months), or other lab values pertinent to your health before and after making changes to your lifestyle." CONTRIBUTORS P H O T O G R A P H S B Y W I K I W I K I M E A L C A S S I D Y H U R T & S C A L E R O S T I S L A V _ S E D L A C E K / S H U T T E R S T O C K 14 { summer 2019 } h o u s e c a l l s eating well Using your weight as the only metric for success. DIET MISTAKE: Alexis Appel, RD, LD (left) & Jillian Morgan, RD, LD, CDE A L E E C E K I N G S L E Y T A Y L O R local best bet Poke Bowl with Shoyu Tuna (and an appetizer of edamame hummus) WIKI WIKI SANDBAR 106 E. Ashley Ave., Folly Beach (843) 588-9454 TIP: "The moment you step onto the property, you feel like you're on vacation," says Morgan. "A vacation means fun and relaxation; however, I've learned a lot of people also treat it as an excuse to eat anything." Whether you're actually on vacation or just feel like it, "It's imperative to avoid ignoring your body's nutritional needs," she stresses.

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