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40 { spring 2019 } h o u s e c a l l s picture of health Christmas parade, and more recently at a fundraiser for The Little School at Grace Church Cathedral, where Dr. Murray's daughter attends preschool. Favorites in their repertoire include the Velvet Underground's "Sweet Jane" and a handful of Grateful Dead tunes, like "Turn on Your Love Light." As laid-back as Dr. Murray's demeanor and song choice may be, he's deliberate in his decisions and life path. The family chose their downtown residence to allow for walkable access to work and restaurants—his car often stays parked all day. Likewise, he chose a surgeon's track early in medical school for its excitement and the gratification of immediate results. He settled on joint replacement specifically because of the way he could improve patients' day-to-day lives and for its high success rate. "It's a fun surgery to do, and it keeps people mobile," Dr. Murray explains. "Patients are generally very happy to be having this surgery, so I enjoy the interaction." Dr. Murray keeps his own body strong through jogging and a healthy diet of home- cooked meals like baked salmon and his wife's lemon chicken. He recommends low-impact activities to patients like biking, swimming, the elliptical, and running on a treadmill. "Staying active and maintaining a healthy weight are the best things you can do for your joints," says the expert. Beyond regular exercise and a healthy diet, Dr. Murray believes that health begins in the mind. "It's important emotionally to have things to get excited about or a hobby to keep your mind stimulated," says Dr. Murray. "Setting goals for yourself keeps you motivated to try new things. It's also a way to interact with different people who have a common interest, letting you enjoy social contact." For Dr. Murray, music is a deliberate pursuit to diversify his mental focus. But as important as that is, he doesn't take it too seriously. "I've never had any desire to play guitar professionally," he explains. "My goal is to have some type of performance to practice for every few months—to have something to get prepared for and to look forward to." This spring, his anticipatory energy is focused on mastering a new guitar—a custom hollow-body Gibson ES-335 that's pushed his trusty Fender Stratocaster back into its case. "It was built from scratch in Tennessee and took three or four months to make," says Dr. Murray. "I've had my eye on one for a long time." Dr. Murray's enthusiasm for music has already rubbed off on his daughters. Camilla, a first grader at Buist Academy, takes piano lessons, and Scarlett loves to play on the drum set in the band room (she's a budding harmonica player, as well). Likewise, the girls' interests have influenced their father. Although he tries to steer them toward the blues and jazz, his record collection now includes vinyl (his preferred audio delivery) of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and the Frozen soundtrack. "We try to expose the girls to different genres and to just have music on and around them at home," says Dr. Murray. Whether his daughters grow up to be musicians or just love to spin a good record, he's happy to see them interested in and engaging with music—an enthusiasm that may stick with them as they grow. "It's so important to have passions outside of your profession," he says. "They can help you stay engaged and present in all facets of your life." HAPPY DAYS: (clockwise from above) Dr. Murray at home with his wife, Whitney, daughters, Scarlett (3) and Camilla (7), and pups; the doctor, a guitarist, having a porch session with his bandmates; a Disney vinyl in his collection; and the family on vacation in Stowe, Vermont, last year. P H O T O G R A P H ( 1 , F A M I L Y O N V A C A T I O N ) C O U R T E S Y O F D R . M U R R A Y } } "It's so important to have passions outside of your profession. They can help you stay engaged and present in all facets of your life." —Dr. Patrick Murray

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