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I f the standard dinner-and-a-movie date with your spouse or partner is feeling ho-hum, tune into this new research, which points to two alternatives shown to boost levels of oxytocin—the cuddle, or bonding, hormone. Researchers at Baylor University studied the hormonal response of 20 married or cohabitating couples who, for a date-night scenario, either attended a painting class or played board games. Couples also answered an hour-long survey about their family life meant to spark the release of oxytocin (previous research has shown that just thinking about your loved ones can do so). To test levels of oxytocin—a hormone that's only released when stimulated rather than constantly throughout the day— researchers collected urine samples from participants after they took the survey and again after they enjoyed one of the activities. Researchers found that both the paint class and the board games spurred a greater release of oxytocin than did taking the survey. On average, the concentration of oxytocin rose from 3.86 nanograms per milliliter of urine after participants took the survey to 4.88 nanograms per milliliter after engaging in either activity. Study authors say any action that offers couples a chance to tap into novelty, physical contact, communication, and words of encouragement would likely yield similar results, whether that's a night of candle making or a kickboxing class. So go on: Get connected! A new study suggests two out-of-the- box activities for your next date night h o u s e c a l l s { spring 2019 } 15 Mix It Up!

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