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42 { winter 2019 } h o u s e c a l l s picture of health moved to Norfolk, Virginia, for a residency and fellowship in women's health. She met Robin (a certified medical assistant and now full-time mom) after moving back to the Lowcountry to take a job in Summerville, where she has lived for 18 years and worked with Roper St. Francis for the past three. Living in a tight-knit community means relationships often overlap in and outside of the office. "Just about every time we go out to eat or make a Target run, somebody will yell my name from across the store," she laughs. "These relationships are my job—it's about getting to know these people." That translates to candid conversations with her patients, who range in age from 2 to 92 and beyond. For example, "I'll ask patients what they do when they get home from work," Dr. DeBerry says, adding that many people will say they don't have time to exercise in the same appointment during which they've discussed Gamecocks football or a favorite Netflix series. "Cut out 30 minutes of watching a show and get up and get outside, even if you just walk around the yard," she says. "I try to encourage little changes that add up to a happier, healthier life." She takes the same approach to health at home. Meal times for the family of six can be "semi-chaotic" ("No, they are just chaotic," she corrects herself with a chuckle), so she and Robin keep things simple, often letting their children decide what they want from the fridge. "My little girl will say, 'I want pretty colors today,' so she'll have blueberries, raspberries, green beans, and carrots. In our house, it's not always a typical traditional dinner." To keep her joints moving, Dr. DeBerry hops on an at-home elliptical a few times a week, and she, Robin, and the kids stay active as a family with group bike rides and activity-filled trips (they're frequent visitors to Disney World and this past November made an impromptu trip to Great Wolf Lodge in North Carolina). Dr. DeBerry and Robin also make a point to inject moments of togetherness into their family's day-to-day. Even during a busy workweek, a typical evening may find them gathered around their backyard fire pit; after the kids head to bed, Dr. DeBerry and Robin often unwind together on the front porch. The doctor seeks out special moments with each child individually, as well, like playing the piano with Molly or taking walks around the field with Mason while big brother Myles practices soccer. They're also regulars at USC football and women's basketball games— although Dr. DeBerry takes one or two kids at a time. "I like to watch the game instead of my kids running up and down the stairs," she laughs. "I'm too intense of a fan to take them all at one time!" Just as Dr. DeBerry wants her patients to "laugh at least once before they leave" every visit to her office, she strives to create moments of joy each day with her kids—circling back to her life mantra. "Whatever they do, I want my children to remember feeling happy doing it." ALL TOGETHER NOW: Dr. Nicole DeBerry (above, second to right) unwinds by connecting with her family. Pictured here (from left to right) are son Mason; wife, Robin; son Mackenzie; daughter, Molly; and son Myles. P H O T O G R A P H S ( 2 , O N R I G H T ) C O U R T E S Y O F D R . D E B E R R Y } } "You can't always solve people's problems, but you can help them work through whatever it is they're facing—and you can always be nice." —Dr. Nicole DeBerry

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