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Doctor Mom A local family medicine doctor (and mom of four) reminds us that simple moments have lasting impacts – BY STRATTON LAWRENCE P H O T O G R A P H S B Y L I N D S A Y W E B E R h o u s e c a l l s { winter 2019 } 41 picture of health D r. Nicole DeBerry didn't set out to have four children— the kids came to her. After she and her wife, Robin, had their first son, Mackenzie (now 14), another pregnancy resulted in complications and they opted to adopt. But four months before the birth of their son (Myles, 6), another adoption agency called in dire need on the Friday before Christmas. "Molly was our Christmas surprise," says Dr. DeBerry. "We dropped off the car seat we had ready for Myles and brought Molly home the next afternoon." Nine months after Myles' birth in April, his birth mother called; She was pregnant again. Myles' full sibling, Mason (now 5), joined the expanding family later that year. "I never thought I'd have four children," says Dr. DeBerry, "but now I can't imagine my life any other way." While away from her own quartet during the workday, Dr. DeBerry is surrounded by children of all ages, providing care for dozens of Summerville residents as a Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated family medicine doctor. Put simply, Dr. DeBerry is a people person— to the nth degree. Fortunately, she's as empathic and charismatic as they come and has a daily mantra that makes her well suited for her roles as both a mother and a primary care physician: Maya Angelou's famous line, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." "You can't always solve people's problems," Dr. DeBerry adds, "but you can help them work through whatever it is they're facing—and you can always be nice." Dr. DeBerry says she learned of that life-guiding sentiment from a high school history teacher on James Island, where she grew up. While at James Island High School, a biology teacher also helped her see science in a new light, guiding her toward a career in medicine. In her free time during high school she worked as a ward clerk at Roper Hospital, cementing her future in family care. "I liked the idea of figuring out a person's ailment like a puzzle and trying to make somebody feel better," says Dr. DeBerry. After receiving her undergraduate degree from the University of South Carolina and her medical degree from MUSC, Dr. DeBerry NAME: DR. NICOLE DEBERRY SPECIALTY: Family medicine OUTSIDE THE OFFICE, FIND HER: Spending quality time with her family (including wife, Robin, and their four children) and cheering on the USC Gamecocks

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