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NON-OPIOID INTERVENTIONS Alternative treatments for chronic pain can be highly effective Alternative treatments like therapy and meditation are increasingly showing promise for those who suffer from chronic pain, or pain lasting longer than six months. "By treating pain from multiple directions—many of them at the same time—you can create a better outcome," says Dr. Frohock. PHYSICAL THERAPY: Exercise therapy—a component of physical therapy—has been shown to ease chronic knee and hip pain and improve the well-being of fibromyalgia patients by strengthening joints and tissues. COUNSELING: Chronic pain can go hand in hand with mental health issues such as depression. Cognitive behavioral therapy, in particular, has been shown to help relieve chronic pain. MUSIC THERAPY: Playing or listening to music can promote relaxation and reduce the amount of pain perceived by chronic pain patients. YOGA & MEDITATION: Yoga and meditation, which have rapidly grown in popularity nationwide in recent years, offer another option to improve your relationship between body and mind. In fact, studies have shown that yoga can be an effective means of treating chronic lower back pain. 26 { winter 2019 } h o u s e c a l l s

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