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I f you're looking to invest in your health, new research from the Human Performance Laboratory at Ball State University shows that aerobic exercise has a high ROI. Though the study was small—involving just 70 participants—its results were mighty. Participants fit into one of three categories: 1) seniors with an average age of 75 who had exercised regularly throughout their lives (averaging about seven hours of aerobic exercise weekly via structured jogging or cycling), 2) seniors with an average age of 75 who had not engaged in exercise throughout their lives but who had stayed somewhat active with hobbies like golf and leisure walks, and 3) young adults with an average age of 25 who currently exercise as often as the first group of seniors. Researchers gauged participants' heart and musculoskeletal health by taking VO2 max measurements—an aerobic stress test that reflects a person's cardiovascular strength—and by taking a pea-sized biopsy, revealing the efficiency of capillaries within participants' muscles. They found that the cardiovascular systems of the lifelong exercisers looked an average of 30 years younger than the person's actual age. And perhaps even more significant: The muscles of the active 75 year olds looked the same as the muscles of the active 25 year olds. The heart and muscles of lifelong aerobic exercisers look decades younger than their actual age, study shows h o u s e c a l l s { winter 2019 } 15 Get Moving!

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