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40 { fall 2018 } h o u s e c a l l s picture of health move back to Charleston, but we wouldn't live in town." They bought their farmstead in 1993, and they've been experimenting with raising animals and growing crops ever since. When their children were young, even the littlest family members were expected to pitch in on the farm. Back then, David and Becky kept chickens and horses, and the kids kept busy collecting eggs, caring for the steeds, and working in the yard. "There were a lot of chores for them growing up; they all had something to do," Becky recalls. That farmer's work ethic has springboarded each of the Baird children into successful adulthoods: Wills and Jane attended the Naval Academy and are now officers in the Navy; Rebecca, an Air Force lieutenant, is an F-15 fighter pilot; and Henry is pre-med at Clemson. "Growing up, they didn't even realize that we had a TV," Becky says. "I think they've been productive in their lives because they learned early on how to manage their time." Now that their children have flown the coop, David and Becky are as busy as ever. They cook regularly, pulling fresh produce from the garden for a nutritious meal, such as salmon with a salad or roasted veggies. "Becky is the best cook, so we don't go out to eat much," David says. For his part, David has expanded his herd to produce more pasture-raised beef, which they sell online under the moniker Raising cattle is demanding work, and David does most of the labor himself. On a typical evening, he might torch calories by cutting and baling Bahai or rye grasses, administering medical care to the animals, and mending the pasture fences. "Farming is very physical, and that physical activity keeps me in good shape," he says. "Plus, I like having something tangible—our beef products—to enjoy when I'm done." The Drs. Baird are both passionate about the health benefits of pasture-raised protein: "We are what we eat," Becky explains. "If you have a beef cattle, raised without hormones or antibiotics, eating nice, healthy, pesticide-free grass, it's a healthier product than grain-fed beef, with much higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and more beta- carotene and vitamin E." When she's not seeing patients or working to support her family's farm- to-fork lifestyle, Becky makes time for early-morning surf sessions at Folly Beach, where she's been riding waves since she was a young teen. "Back then, there weren't many girl surfers out at Folly, but I've always loved being in the water," she says. "There's something about surfing that's almost like an addiction—it really raises your endorphins." Today, there are many more women riding the surf at Folly, and Becky enjoys supporting the growing community through her sponsorship of the annual Folly Beach Wahine Classic. Whether it's an active hobby, like farming or surfing, or a more traditional approach to exercise, such as hitting the gym, David and Becky stress the importance of making time for physical activity—and having fun while doing it. "I tell my patients, 'Find something you love to do, and then you'll do it,'" Becky says. "I don't care if you dance, run, walk, surf, or ride. Just keep your body active, and you'll feel better." EARTH BOUND: On their 280-acre farm, Drs. David and Becky Baird have tended cattle, grown crops, and raised four children to harbor their same love for the outdoors. When they aren't at work, he spends his time digging into the land and she can be found riding waves. P H O T O G R A P H S ( 2 ) C O U R T E S Y O F D R S . D A V I D & B E C K Y B A I R D } } "If you have a beef cattle, raised without hormones or antibiotics, eating nice, healthy, pesticide-free grass, it's a healthier product than grain-fed beef." —Dr. David Baird

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