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THE FLAW: Ever thought, "I worked out really hard today; I deserve [insert food here]"? Or treated yourself to a "cheat day" because you stayed on track all week? Even the most seasoned dieters and gym junkies swap lost pounds for pound cake. Folks who follow an extremely restrictive meal plan (ie., eliminating an entire macronutrient or food group) may be more susceptible to this trap. But this seemingly benign behavior can disrupt weight-loss efforts and may lead to an unhealthy relationship with food or disordered eating behaviors. Cooler temperatures signal the season for slurping oysters right from the shell. Ready to heed the siren call of these briny bivalves? With a menu clustered around flavorful riffs on oysters, fish, and fried chicken, Leon's Oyster Shop makes an ideal autumn destination. Here, Roper St. Francis Healthcare-affiliated dietitian Alexis Appel channels a nutrition-minded dinner order. Appel started her meal with a half-dozen premium oysters on the half shell. "Oysters are a good source of minerals such as iron and zinc that maintain a healthy immune system and vitamin B-12 to support the nervous system," she explains. To keep this low-calorie protein on the leaner side, the dietitian advises shucking the standard crackers and cocktail sauce. "These oysters are creamy on their own, so you won't miss the condiments." Instead, enjoy the bivalves naked or with a splash of lemon juice or a mignonette sauce . Forgoing the fried chicken, Appel ordered a lightly dressed Siam Salad with shrimp , minus the fried shallots. This phytonutrient powerhouse contains complex carbohy- drates like Napa cabbage, oranges, and fresh herbs as well as heart-healthy fats from avocado and peanuts. "Diets rich in fiber-filled vegetables keep you regular and provide cancer-fighting sulforaphane," she adds. Vitamin C from the cabbage and citrus also promotes collagen synthesis to boost skin elasticity and protect from harmful free radicals. THE FIX: Rather than use workouts or healthy eating as an excuse to gorge, create a list of non-food-related ways to pamper yourself when you accomplish a specific health or exercise goal. Were you able to bring down your LDL cholesterol at your most recent doctor's visit? Indulge in an afternoon of leisure. Blood pressure improved? Splurge on a pedicure or massage. Crossed the finish of your first 10k? Try on those skinny jeans and enjoy the fit. CONTRIBUTOR P H O T O G R A P H ( O Y S T E R S & S A L A D ) B Y C A S S I D Y H U R T 16 { fall 2018 } h o u s e c a l l s eating well Using food as a reward. DIET MISTAKE: Alexis Appel, RD, LD L I S A L I V I N G S T O N local best bet Raw Oysters and Siam Salad with Shrimp (Served with Napa cabbage, oranges, herbs, avocados, and peanuts) LEON'S OYSTER SHOP 698 King St., Downtown (843) 531-6500, TIP: Avoid the raw oysters if you are pregnant or have liver disease, diabetes, or a weakened immune system, as eating raw animal protein raises the risk of food- borne illness.

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