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S tudies touting the benefits of regular exercise are as common as gyms in the Lowcountry. We've all heard that physical activity can strengthen brain function, ramp up mood, and pump up one's lifespan. But what happens if the treadmill gets switched off? When an illness or injury causes us to take even a short time-out, the negative health effects can be fast acting and profound. New research published in The Journals of Gerontology shows that just a 14-day stretch of inactivity can quickly trigger type 2 diabetes in older adults with prediabetes (a condition affecting some 84 million American adults). Within days of restricting their daily steps to less than 1,000, overweight seniors displayed significant decreases in muscle mass and strength. By two weeks, participants exhibited signs of full-blown diabetes. Even more disturbing: simply jumping back into a healthy exercise routine didn't reinstate their metabolic health. So keep moving! Even a short slowdown can speed up diabetes in predisposed seniors h o u s e c a l l s { fall 2018 } 15 Active Measures

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