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40 { summer 2018 } h o u s e c a l l s picture of health Year" distinction in 2016. Dr. Frohock also regularly races offshore, and even participated in the first regatta from Key West to Cuba after the travel embargo was lifted. In 2016, when Dr. Frohock's daughter, Alexandra, was born, he brought her aboard for a sail within her first week. Now 2 years old, she's already flown two dozen times, including to several sailing trips in the Caribbean. This summer, she'll sail with her parents in Greece. Dr. Frohock finds clear parallels between his passions, attributing his quick progress as a sailor to his experience as an anesthesiologist. "In each, there are a lot of calm periods and then chaos," he explains. "In anesthesia, you learn to think a few steps ahead, so on the ocean, when everybody else gets freaked out, I try to stay calm." Both, he adds, depend on teamwork, as well. "It's like a family out there on the water. We are all completely dependent upon one another and the more we are willing to give for the team, the better we all do collectively." The same holds true at the office. Dr. Frohock specializes in regional anesthesia like nerve blocks for orthopaedic and joint replacement surgery, and epidurals during labor and delivery. By effectively controlling pain, regional anesthesia helps reduce the need for opioids and allows patients to recover faster. In his eight years at Roper St. Francis Healthcare, Dr. Frohock has quickly progressed—three years before assuming his current leadership role, he was named chief of acute pain and orthopaedic anesthesia. He sees himself as an advocate for fellow pain management- focused employees, and for promoting Roper St. Francis' pursuit of the latest protocols and state-of-the-art advancements in the field. That focused, purpose-driven approach is also reflected in Dr. Frohock's personal life. A former gym rat, he takes exercise seriously. He works out a few times a week at his downtown home, where he's outfitted a gym with a rowing machine, spin bike, kettle bells, and mats for body-weight exercises like planks, pushups, and sit-ups. Likewise, he and Stephanie—who works as the wine brand manager for Total Beverage Solution—utilize a pre-ordered meal service, Plated, to help make home- cooked dinners together a regular part of their week. "We pick low-carb, low-calorie meals; it opens us up to a lot of dishes we wouldn't normally eat," says Dr. Frohock, who cites The Macintosh on King Street as a favorite spot for dining out. Most importantly, Dr. Frohock makes time each day for his daughter. Although he often leaves for work by 6:15 a.m.—an hour before she wakes up—and returns home late in the evening, living close to Roper Hospital's campus downtown allows him to carve out a daily block to be home with his family. "I always spend time with her first, before sailing or working out," says Dr. Frohock. During that quality time together, he aims to instill in Alexandra the same love of learning that he's enjoyed over the years. "If she wants to sail, great. If she wants to be a physician, fine. What's most important to me is that she has every opportunity to learn," says the proud father. A knack for quick learning certainly runs in the family. This summer, Dr. Frohock is embracing a new type of sailing on Vipers, a smaller, more aggressive racing boat that requires intense physical effort. "I'm having to train just to survive the boat," says Dr. Frohock, who, at 41, is 10 years older than either of his teammates on the three-man crew. Chances are, that won't slow him down. If his past approach to every pursuit is any indication of future success, we'll see "Frohock" at the top of the finishers' board by summer's end. ALL ABOARD: When he's not at the office, Roper St. Francis Healthcare anesthesiologist Dr. Jeffrey Frohock sets sail on his 1D 35 sailboat, War Horse, and spends quality time with his wife, Stephanie, and daughter, Alexandra. P H O T O G R A P H ( S A I L B O A T ) C O U R T E S Y O F D R . F R O H O C K } } "It's like a family out there on the water. We are all completely dependent upon one another and the more we are willing to give for the team, the better we all do collectively." —Dr. Jeffrey Frohock

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